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Improving the conversion rate in ASO operations

If the number of page views in your application does not correspond to the number of downloads, it's time to work on the conversion rate. It is also worth looking at because of the store ranking - it is one of the main factor affecting our position.

If the number of page views in your application does not correspond to the number of downloads, it's time to work on the conversion rate. It is also worth looking at because of the store ranking - it is one of the main factor affecting our position. When the conversion rate of your application is lower than the corresponding competition conversion rates, it will be harder for us to break through.

Make sure you inform users about the most desirable features!

Convince users that it's worth it. Check if your creatives and text materials speak the language of benefits. When formulating the marketing message and bolding the most important features and benefits, do not forget about search engine algorithms working in the background. Use phrases that will allow them to properly classify your application.

Constantly monitor how users use your app. This data will allow you to understand and highlight features that can attract more users. Do not hide them at the end of a long description, but depending on their number - place in the title, short description and / or graphic materials.

Often, it turns out that application users can more easily summarize the benefits of this application than its marketers and even developers. User reviews on any platform can turn out to be a treasury of insights. They should be monitored and analyzed on an ongoing basis to see how you can optimize mentions of specific functionalities, highlight the most-valued aspects, and work on these questionable ones.

Descriptions are of course very important in the decision-making process over downloading the application, but what first attracts our attention are graphics. Optimizing application icons, screenshots and application previews (video) can definitely help convince users to install. To take full advantage of these elements, we recommend continuous A / B testing to improve them and increase conversion rates.


Icons play an extremely important role in increasing the value of the application's clickthrough rate (CTR). This is the first element that the user notices when looking at the application or game, because the icon appears not only on the product page, but also in the search results. That is why it is so important that it stands out from the competition in some way.


Screenshots are the most visible element on the application page and are also displayed in the Apple App Store search results. They give users a sense of what the application is about. Thanks to them we know what to expect before downloading. They play a significant role in the conversion process because users prefer to view shortcuts rather than read a long description (which is read more accurately on average by 5% of site visitors).

Application Preview (Video) Video

Preview (App Preview), even better than screenshots, can show what the application is all about. In such a trailer, use as many frequently searched phrases as possible. It affects the conversion. However, we should remember that not every promotional video we have will work positively. This is the most sensitive of visual elements. Poor video will unfortunately also affect conversions - negatively.

The movies play automatically in the Apple App Store, but not on Google Play (which should change soon), so they have a greater impact on iOS than on Android.

We can help you compare the conversion rate of your application with other applications. It is worth doing this research. Check your competitors' activities regularly: what they say and how they do it. Tracking your competitors' movements in the App Store and Google Play can provide valuable information about your own application. Remember, however, that different locations will have different aesthetic trends, symbolism, attitudes and understanding of elements such as emoji.

A / B tests - how to do them

Wouldn't it be great to know which functionalities the users will like before we start creating them? Or which texts and graphics will get better with their message?

All elements in the store (from name, title and descriptions, to screenshots) have their share in shaping the perception of the application by users. These elements of the application page have a huge impact on the conversion. Thanks to A / B tests conducted on various elements on the product page, application publishers can optimize the conversion rate of their application and reduce funds for unprofitable advertising. ASO activities do not have to be based on guessing, subsequent implementations can be based on data whose operation has already been proven.

A / B tests are a clear way to compare (at least) two options and analyze the results. However, you need to prepare for such tests in advance - spend time analyzing the market, competition and target group.

  • Start by analyzing competing applications in your category, with particular emphasis on leaders.
  • The target group is another aspect that requires longer reflection. It is necessary to have a clear portrait of ideal users.

Continuous testing, at a later stage, will of course help us improve the portrait of target audiences. So it's important to create ad groups with different audience settings to see which one works better.

What to test For example: orientation of screenshots - horizontal / vertical, logo / background colors, short description (with different key phrases), long description (individual options are indexed!), Order of functionalities presented on screenshots / different ways of presenting these functionalities etc.

How to test? It's best to have one element each so that the results are clear enough. We test specific hypotheses, i.e. ones that in our opinion could bring a specific result. Before you complete your experiment, reach a satisfying level of confidence. How much traffic do you need to conduct a meaningful experiment? Many publishers ask this question, unfortunately no one has set a golden ceiling that will guarantee an appropriate level of certainty. However, it would be good to have at least 1000 recipients for each version. Let's also remember that the smaller the difference between the conversion factor values ​​for options A and B, the larger the sample size required for the test. Make sure the experiment lasts at least 7-14 days. In this way, you'll capture user behavior on all days of the week, making results even more accurate.

Tests can be conveniently carried out directly in the Google Play console. Their number is limited, which may slow us down if we want to test individual assets for many locations (in this case they could be run simultaneously). There are also many external testing tools on the market. However, they are not conducted on a living organism, but on copies of the blinds.

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