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Popular myths about App Store Optimization

It's no wonder that with so many apps available, it's even harder to break through and get noticed. One of the popular, but still much debated, application marketing and mobile user acquisition strategies is App Store Optimization (ASO). Today, we’ll debunk some popular myths about ASO.

Mobile applications have become indispensable in everyday life. Each of us uses them to perform various activities of everyday life. From communication through shopping lists to in-store payments. It's no wonder that with so many apps available, it's even harder to break through and get noticed. One of the popular, but still much debated, application marketing and mobile user acquisition strategies is App Store Optimization (ASO). Today, we’ll debunk some popular myths about ASO.

Paid Acquisition Methods Work Better Than App Store Optimization

Paid advertising and campaigns that generate app downloads are generally believed to perform better than App Store Optimization. This is completely untrue and I will now explain why.

Paid advertising on popular social networks is essential for growth in mobile due to the saturation of the mobile market. However, if the user sees such an advertisement and clicks it, the last element before downloading is displaying information about the app in store. As a result, you need App Store optimization to maximize the conversion from app page views to downloads. So you need a good ASO strategy to increase your conversions, lower your CPIs and get proper results from your paid campaigns.

App Store optimization isn't just about keywords. It also includes conversion rate optimization (CRO). What CRO exactly is?

Mobile App Conversion Rate Optimization is the process of optimizing app information in your store to maximize the conversion of your target audience. This includes designing app screenshots that will appeal to the right users, creating a compelling title, subtitle, and description for your app, generating positive ratings and reviews, and generally building a recognizable brand for your app in stores.

Revolut clearly and easily communicates to the potential user the benefits of using their application. This allows you to maintain conversions at a high level, which lowers the costs of application marketing.

Keywords are irrelevant for mobile applications

Keywords are extremely important to mobile user acquisition and application growth. When looking for a new app to download, people usually perform a direct keyword search or a categorical keyword search.

Let's take the PeoPay application as an example. By directly entering keywords, you would enter "PeoPay" in the store search engine. In this case, the user entering the direct phrase already knows what application he wants to download. There are also cases when a user searches for an application that matches his problem or task to be performed. Typing the word "bank" will also find the PeoPay application because it targets this keyword.

Pekao, knowing that keywords are important for the development of the application, optimized for both of these searches.

As a result, they intend to acquire users who are specifically looking for their apps as well as those looking for banking apps in general.

Your app store information isn't optimized if it doesn't contain any of the keywords you've selected. For your App Store Optimization efforts to be effective, you need to make sure that you choose the right keywords for your app. Contact us for a free ASO analysis of your application and find out how to quickly and effectively optimize your application.

Localization is just a keyword translation.

Placing your current keywords and other metadata via Google Translate will not be effective in the long run.

Applying a real app localization strategy in terms of ASO is definitely more effective, although it requires much more work and effort. Users much more often download the application presented in their native language. They will also be attracted to the use of colloquial speech, slang, the cultural context or the current situation in their country. To prepare a correct location strategy, you need to delve into cultural references and be sure that the application is adapted to the preferences of recipients from a given country.

Uber has become a global company, operating in many countries around the world. Because they reflect the language differences of their users in the screenshots of the application. English-speaking regions will see screenshots with English text, while German-speaking regions will get German.

App Store Optimization is a one-time activity

App Store Optimization can’t be a one-time activity. It is a continuous process that requires constant updating and testing as the application develops. We recommend using an ASO strategy that provides for changes at least once a month.

Of course, this does not mean that you should update the name of the application, but only selected elements that just require further optimization. Keywords, short, long description, subtitle are the most popular frequently updated fields in the ASO strategy.

Keep a close eye on the changing screenshot trends. Before, people liked mockups with realistic phone graphics. Currently, the trend is more towards abstract designs with colored backgrounds.

Screenshots also play a large role in seasonal user acquisition. Changing your screenshots for the upcoming holidays or reflecting the limited in-app purchase time is a great way to attract new users.

App Store Optimization Myths Summary

Any good app growth strategy should include App Store Optimization as a key element of user acquisition and app branding in stores. App Store Optimization allows relevant users to find your app in App Stores and continue to engage and be active. Ensures good use of your advertising budget by targeting the final stage of conversion from your store view for download or installation. Finally, App Store Optimization is how you will reach and speak their language to a global audience. ASO is a must-have element of every popular mobile application.

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