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Why App Ratings and Reviews are important for you app growth?

These days consumers are getting more skeptical of digital app marketing than ever before. Other people recommendations in the form of app store ratings and reviews stand alone as the best and greatest driver of discovery and conversion.

These days consumers are getting more skeptical of digital app marketing than ever before. Other people recommendations in the form of app store ratings and reviews stand alone as the best and greatest driver of discovery and conversion. GDPR and other privacy regulations have moved to the forefront of marketing and product development, so trusted recommendation in the form of a rating or review is more important than ever. 

Why do ratings and reviews matter?

Why should we even care about app rating? Is app rating really important? We have a great app so our high 5-star rating, even after a buggy update, it’s just a matter of time. The lack of an implemented reputation management system and the lack of optimization of the application rating exposes us to a very high risk.

Based on Apptentive’s research, it’s clear that app ratings and reviews aren’t just vanity metrics; they have real consequences on conversion rates and brand reputation. When we asked, consumers were clear that the lower the star rating, the less likely they’d be to download the app.

It’s important to note that reviews influence more than conversion—they also affect your brand’s overall reputation. In the same survey, 55% percent of respondents said a one-star or two-star app store rating of a well known brand’s app negatively impacts their view of the brand as a whole, while 71% percent of respondents said a four-star or five-star app store rating positively impacts their view.

App rating is also playing a huge role in store conversion. So reviews and ratings optimization can also help you lower your CPIs (Cost per Install) of Performance Marketing campaigns. So how huge is the opportunity cost of a star? 

Jumping from two-stars to three-stars in the app stores can increase conversion by up to 280%. Jumping from three-stars to four-stars still has a dramatic impact, increasing conversion by up to 89%.

Important data regarding Reviews and Ratings:

90% of consumers consider star ratings to be an essential part of their evaluation of a new app

79% percent of consumers check ratings and reviews before downloading an app

53% check ratings and reviews before updating an app 

55% check ratings and reviews before making an in-app transaction

Why doesn't your app have 5-stars?

Before you can take control over your ratings, it’s important to understand the reasons why they’re currently a little underwhelming. Only then can you make the inherent biases in app store ratings work for you, rather than against you. 

A poorly rated app is not necessarily a bad app. Nor is an app with exceptional reviews necessarily a good app. When it comes to assessing quality and experience, app store ratings and reviews are, simply, not the best indicators.

The reason your app doesn’t have five stars is because the way you ask for in-app feedback is incorrect. Customers are hard-pressed to leave feedback in any form, and the way digital customer feedback is gathered is often clunky, time-consuming, and distracting from the goal the customer came to accomplish in the first place.

Because many brands struggle to gather customer feedback in proactive, non-intrusive ways, feedback typically comes from the smallest, most vocal group of customers.Many brands today may think they build products around their customers based on feedback from a majority, but they couldn’t be further from the truth.

To hear from more of your customer base and collect meaningful decision-driving information, what’s a brand to do? You must shift your priorities and the way you ask for feedback to unlock the “silent majority” of your customers.

The silent majority is made up of roughly 99 percent of your customers who don’t fall into the vocal minority. These customers span across a broad spectrum of sentiment, but they tend to fall somewhere in the middle of loving your brand and being at risk for churn. The vast majority of your customers fall into the silent majority, and typically, their feedback and loyalty aren’t being fostered or prioritized.

How to improve your app rating now?

At one point or another, almost all apps face some type of ratings and/or reviews problem. With a direct impact on acquisition hanging in the balance, these challenges need to be solved NOW.

If your app has been there in the past or is currently struggling in the app stores, we hear you. We know it’s urgent. We know you bleed money every minute you wait. However, our general recommendation is to NOT focus on ratings now. Instead, focus on what customers want you to improve in the app by putting a feedback system in place, and then turn your focus toward ratings.

How AppDNA is helping implementing reviews and ratings optimization strategy:

- Reputation Management System Implementation

- App Review Respond Framework

- Ratings and Reviews Framework Implementation

- Feedback System Implementation

How optimizing ratings and reviews can help you achieve your mobile business goals?

Additionally, there is a business value of thinking beyond ratings. As mentioned earlier, better ratings and reviews lead to general business improvements, including: 

  • Increased customer retention 
  • More app-initiated purchases 
  • Larger volume of unique mobile customers
  • Money saved on advertising 
  • Improved survey response rates
  • Improved Retention Rate
  • Higher CTR on marketing campaigns 

Ultimately, the data tells us ratings and reviews continue to play a major role in your app’s growth long after consumers have found their way to your app store product page. They serve as social proof to indicate your app’s quality in an otherwise blind evaluation process.

AppDNA provides full Reviews and Ratings Optimization Services in full performance based growth sprints. If your application has a low rating or you want to implement a reputation management system, arrange a free 40 minutes consultation with our expert to boost your app rating. 

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