Aion Bank
August 2020

How we helped Aion Bank increase conversion by 252% in 60 days.

During first 60 days we laid the foundations for Aion's ASO strategy. We started clearing out ASO efforts and build the App Store & Google Play presence. We build ranking, visibility in Finance category in Belgium. We recommended best ASO practises in Fintech apps for iOS, Google Play & App Gallery.


App Store Optimization, A/B testing, App Growth Consulting


Apple App Store, Google Play Store

Result 1

Increase in iOS Conversion

Result 2

Organic Acquisition Increase

Project Overview

Before we started ASO Aion didn’t focusing much on this field. We’ve started from country, competition and category benchmarking to see what are we dealing with. Then we review current acquisition strategy. Based on benchmark and review we created basic ASO strategy to show value in a short amount of time and bring growth to the Aion app.

We use CVR KPI in iOS and Google Play Organic, Search & Explore Conversion in Android. It shows how app in organically search by keywords or how user explore the app in store.

Our goal is to get high amount of organic downloads to build brand, lower paid CAC and get visibility in store.


How our ASO plan looked like?


  • Keyword research and rank difficulty estimation (EN,FR)
  • Choosing right keywords to focus on creating metadata
  • Create screenshots guidelines to boost conversion
  • Guidelines for Video redesign
  • Create metadata in EN & FR
  • Conduct A/B testing
  • Increase keyword density in ASO for Aion App


  • Keyword research and rank difficulty estimation (EN,FR)
  • Choosing keywords based on our expertise and benchmark
  • Create creative guidelines for App Store to boost conversion quickly.
  • Guidelines to app preview
  • Making changes in (Subtitle, keywords,d escription, Promo Text, Icon, Creatives)
  • A/B testing  


What we did in 60 days:

  • We have laid the foundations for Aion's ASO strategy
  • We emphasized the important acquisition channel, which is ASO
  • We started clearing out ASO efforts and build the App Store & Google Play presence
  • We started building rank, visibility in Finance category in Belgium.
  • We recommended best practises in Fintech apps for iOS & Google Play.

Results iOS:

  • 251% Conversion Increase
  • 71% more organic installations

Results Android:

  • 49% Conversion Increase
  • 39% more organic installations

Our Impact

I recently had the opportunity to experience the AppDNA Growth Audit (AGA) and I have to say, I was thoroughly impressed. The detailed reports provided a comprehensive view of my app's performance and identified areas where I could improve. I particularly appreciated the competition review and ranking stats, which gave me valuable insights into how my app compares to others in the market.

The analysis also showed that there was still potential for growth, which I believe will be critical in our continued partnership with AppDNA for the app growth sprint.

I would definitely recommend the AGA to anyone looking for a detailed analysis of their app's performance. Overall, the AGA has been a valuable tool in solving my app's growth problems.
Co Founder
I recently worked with AppDNA on an app growth audit and consulting project, and I am thrilled with the results. Their team provided clear, actionable advice that allowed us to optimize our first-time user experience and improve our paywall, resulting in increased user engagement and revenue.

One of the most valuable aspects of working with AppDNA was their attention to detail and fact-checking against best practices. They provided us with visual comparisons to our competitors, which made it crystal clear what we needed to do to improve our app and stay ahead of the game.

AppDNA's expertise and guidance helped us solve numerous problems that we were facing, and their thoroughness ensured that we didn't miss any important details. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to improve their app's user experience and drive growth
App Marketing Manager
Queen Bee
I had the pleasure of working with AppDNA on an app growth audit for my blood pressure app, and I'm thrilled with the results. The audit helped increase our organic visibility and downloads, which has had a significant impact on our business.
Blood Pressure Tracker+
AppDNA is the best ASO Agency for Google Play and App Store I know. They were able to identify the most important factors to improve our app's visibility in the stores and they delivered results quickly. AppDNA team have in-depth knowledge on how to boost our app subscription monetization performance.
Martin Luther
Product Designer at Uber.INC
Working with AppDNA was a great time. They helped Aion Bank optimize ASO during launch phase in Belgium. They helped us increase conversion by 251% . They also increase organic downloads by 71% which help us lower total customer acquisition cost.
Martin Luther
Product Designer at Uber.INC
Martin Luther
Product Designer at Uber.INC
Head of Brand Marketing
Aion Bank
Martin Luther
Product Designer at Uber.INC
Martin Luther
Product Designer at Uber.INC

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