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AppDNA is your strategic partner for app growth and marketing, boasting a team of specialized professionals who integrate smoothly into your existing app marketing process. We proactively identify and eliminate growth blockers, establish effective app funnels, and fine-tune the process based on a solid foundational approach. We empower your app’s growth through a KPI-based, ROI-focused strategy, assuring the delivery of high-quality users. Our bespoke services enhance your app funnel efficiency and contribute substantially to your revenue growth.

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Our Mission

We thrive to help our clients have global impact

At AppDNA, our mission is to transform app downloads into meaningful revenue and enhance user experiences for subscription-based apps. We prioritize customer-centric solutions that deliver lasting value, driven by a culture of fun, precision, and innovation. Upholding truth and respect, we commit to honesty in every interaction and choose projects that promise success.

Embracing a fully remote work environment, we empower our team to thrive in flexibility, fostering a global community dedicated to pushing the boundaries of app marketing.

Our goal is to stay ahead, continuously sharing knowledge and insights to maintain a competitive edge for our clients and ourselves. Through these commitments, we aim to redefine the app industry's standards, ensuring every download counts and every user experience is exceptional.

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Our Values

The core values behind
our work


What we create for customers and what they receive from us should be valuable to them. We look at different possibilities and tirelessly take the customer's perspective. We do not teach app marketing. We teach how to support clients in deciding what is best for them. We only indicate solutions that provide long-term and tangible benefits.


It is written deep in our DNA that we like to laugh loudly and have fun. The better the atmosphere in the office or at meetings, the easier it is for us to build a group of companies that improves the operation of other applications. We experiment, put our visions to the test and see what works and what doesn't. It's an exciting job, impossible to do


Everything we create is prepared with attention to detail. We work carefully and focus on details that, when combined, bring unique value to our projects. In all this, we are consistent and always implement what we have committed to.

Truth and respect

We tell the truth, even if it is uncomfortable. Regardless of whether we talk to each other behind the scenes, discuss strategic decisions or communicate with clients - we always provide information that is consistent with reality. We do not engage in projects that have no chance of success. It's our way of showing respect to our customers and each other.

Always one step ahead

We were created thanks to unique knowledge and thanks to it we want to evolve. We go beyond narrow thinking about app marketing and mobile business and aim to be one step ahead in front of the market. We function as one organism and share our discoveries. All this helps us build the foundations of our competitive advantage.

Fully remote working environment

We are and always will be a fully remote team. AppDNA team members are free to live and work where they please, provided that time zones work for their teams.

Our Team

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Experts behind AppDNA

Michal Synowiec


Michal Mróz

Our Offices

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AppDNA is present in places most associated with the mobile app business. Europe, America - you can find us  there!

Dallas, USA
539 W. Commerce St Suite #4254
Dallas, TX 75208
Kraków, Poland
ul. Kapelanka 12
30-347 Kraków, Poland
In The Press

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App Marketing during COVID-19

“So this is a good time to verify whether companies have approached the digital transformation and mobile first approach responsibly. Today's times are testing applications and their strategies. Good optimization and the right approach to app marketing is crucial, and it's worth doing it well to survive.”

Time to think about ASO

“App stores get really crowded. Only a well-thought-out marketing app strategy allows you to break through. In this text, therefore, briefly about how to increase organic traffic in the mobile application and improve the click-through rate... Its aim is to obtain as much organic traffic as possible and to improve conversion at the visit-installation stage.”

Your mobile app - as they write it, this is how they see it

“However, interacting with users does not have to mean only crisis management and facing their problems. Did you know customers expect direct inquiry from you?In last year's  Apptentive survey, 51% of consumers expected companies to ask for feedback across all channels (email, phone, in-store, online, in-app). Among consumers who prefer to leave feedback in the app, this percentage was even higher - 64%.”

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