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ASO - The key to make your app discovered

In an ecosystem where millions of apps all fight for the users attention and time, optimizing your app's presence to increase discoverability is essential for growth.

AppDNA's process of App Store Optimization  boosts keyword rankings and improves conversion for your app in stores, through tailoring important factors such as On-Metadata (your app’s title, description, and sub-title) and Off-Metadata. (your app’s user engagement, installs, and frequency).

Implementing ASO correctly can increase your organic downloads, app rankings and dramatically reduce user acquisition cost.

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App Store Optimization (ASO) like no other with AppDNA

Investing in ASO is the most cost-effective mobile marketing tactic. It drives downloads for cents when done right, at scale, for multiple markets.

Our technology, tested frameworks, and global ASO experts ensure maximum app discovery. AppDNA can optimize your ASO efforts to boost your app to the top rankings, increase your downloads, reduce total acquisition costs and ensure sustainable, powerful growth.

In 2021 our clients see an average 43% increase of organic downloads, and 16% decrease of user acquisition cost within first 6 months.

What is ASO and Why do You Need it?
How ASO Can Optimize Your App Revenue
  • KPI-based pricing for every ASO project. We estimate KPIs for each App Store Optimization sprint. You will only pay for delivered results so can be sure that working with AppDNA will produce the highest ROI possible.

  • Data-driven ASO based on Big Data Analysis, real market data, best growth frameworks so you can be sure that the strategy is tailored to your app and current market situation.

  • Vertical ASO Experience - We’ve helped our clients with almost every vertical the stores have to offer. We work with some of the biggest companies worldwide, far exceeding their growth KPIs across industries.

When does App Store Optimization make sense?

Did you know there are over 5.6 million apps available in the App Store and Google Play? More than 80% of mobile app downloads start inside the store. Apps that aren’t among the top search results will find it impossible to compete – making app store optimization services critical to mobile success.

App Store Optimization make sense if your are a startup launching your mobile app and get initial visibility or if you are a big brand with thousand of daily download and want to optimize your user acquisition costs.

App Store Optimization helps you connect with a relevant audience and push your app’s unique selling points. Quality ASO can considerably boost installs, making it valuable to your app business. Furthermore, these are organic installs, which often prove to be an app’s most valuable users.

Our Services

We have extensive experience in App Store Optimization

At AppDNA, we see ASO as an ongoing process requiring consistent revision and optimization. Our team will iterate your unique App Store presence to achieve the highest organic traffic possible.


Deep audit to analyze your current ASO situation and identify growth points for each aspect of App Store Optimization to estimate how much additional organic traffic we can bring.


App category, competitors and market analysis to adapt to the new ASO strategy.

Keywords Optimization

Localized metadata optimization for Google Play, App Store and App Gallery to boost app ranking, increase visibility and discoverability in stores.

Art & Design

Creation of artwork for icon, screenshots and feature graphic including localized copy and call to action


Prepare a detailed strategy based on the needs of eaach project.

Copy & Localization

Description creation with strong keywords at the right density by natives translators.

A/B Test

Testing all the creatives to optimize Conversion Rate (App Page Views to Downloads)

KPI Based Contract

Before the projects starts, our ASO Experts will estimate possible KPIs to be reached after collaboration. You only pay for delivered results.

Expert Assistance

A dedicated team and project manager who will help you achieve your ASO goals, ready to answer all your questions during the project.


Monthly report to evaluate our work, progress and KPIs.

Types of cooperation?

Quickly verify what your app needs to grow!

Quickly verify what your application needs. Research and build a marketing plan for your app. AppDNA audits are a guarantee of successful promotion of your app. An audit is a good starting point if you want to make a difference in your app marketing.
App marketing audit for $1349, ready in just 7 days.
Quickly evaluate what are the most important element you should optimize in app marketing and what should be your roadmap and priorities in app growth.
Audit is the most beneficial for apps that aren't satisfied with their results and don't know where to start in terms of app marketing.
Learn more about App Growth Audit

App Growth-as-a-Service in flexible monthly subscription

Plan and execute your app marketing strategy with an easy and flexible app growth-as-a-service subscription. Easily adjust the areas you care about most at any given time. Change subscription elements and effectively manage the budget of app marketing activities.
Flexible, cancel-anytime monthly subscription ranging between $300 and $6,675.
Who will benefit from this? - If you know what elements you need to optimize and need a flexible option for app marketing or if you are launching your app.
Grow your app in most important areas that your app currently needs. Application marketing will be based on a proven process, not chaotic, ill-considered activities, business revenue will increase and you will be making decisions based on data.
The subscription can consist of both consulting and/or execution of an app marketing strategy.

Master your app marketing and skyrocket your downloads, active users & revenue

If you want to optimize specific application components, KPI-based growth sprints are for you. Get to know what we can achieve in your chosen area of app marketing even before the start of the cooperation.  The cost of the service depends on the results we deliver to you. Your ROI is 100% secure.
3/6 months ASO Growth Sprints.
Be sure of the results achieved and want to maximize results in ASO.
Pricing based on platform (iOS, Android, App Gallery) & localization or if you have many apps and want to optimize it worldwide go with Unlimited ASO Growth Sprint and pay fixed monthly fee for unlimited apps and localizations.
Pay only for delivered results & keep your ROI safe.
Check the best type of cooperation with our consultant
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Calculate your app growth!

Answer 5 simple questions and see how your MRR might improve while working with us.

Full Service App Store Optimization by AppDNA

With our services, you can be sure that the return on investment in ASO will be at the highest  level possible.

Other ASO companies

Data-driven ASO with AppDNA

One-time ASO Updates
90 days ASO Growth Program
No KPI-based Pricing
KPI-based pricing with guaranteed optimization results
Gut feeling one-time brainstorming keyword selection
Original 12-steps keywords selection method
Graphics created only by the designer
Data-based, state-of-the-art design & using best performing patterns in creative assets design. Cooperation of design and data
No or one-time market & competition analysis
Performing market & competition analysis for every ASO iteration
Lack or basic monthly reporting
24/7 live access to the extensive ASO reports
No cooperation with your Paid UA team
Constant and close cooperation with your Paid UA team
No responsibility for the results
100% Money-back guarantee
Don’t know what to expect from the cooperation
KPI-estimation before you decide to work with us
You need to pay for the Audit
Free ASO Audit before the project
App Preview Video
App Preview Video
Additional costs for ASO tools, testing budgets, etc.
All-in-one fee for ASO Services, no hidden costs
No dedicated person or person with no experience in your category
Dedicated ASO Manager with experience in ASO for your app/game category
No Unlimited ASO Changes
Unlimited ASO Changes
About app store optimization

We take your app reach from thousands to millions

Improve your App and Play Store rankings and drive organic installs in just 90 days. That’s the aim of our ASO growth program. Our team of ASO experts, data scientists, designers and engineers offer keyword optimization and A/B testing, insights from our scraping and keyword-tracking tools, carefully crafted experiments and monthly metrics reports. We help you increase installs, applying all we know about ASO and passing our insights onto your team.

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Step 1

Research, Audit & Goal Setting

First, we need to understand needs of user, audience segments, your niche & strategic search terms. Then we need to dig into historic data and identify weak spots. Then based on this knowledge we crafting ASO Strategy that will match goals for maximum impact. We create keyword banks and store creatives based on data, not gut instinct.

Step 2

Implementation, Data-based Experimentation & Evaluation

On this stage we implement updates to your listing, run experiments to drive incremental increase in conversion, downloads & rankings. After each iteration of ASO Growth Sprint, we utilize available data sources to report back on key metrics & KPIs.

Step 3

Your app #1 in App Stores

Combining our expertise with great tools and great ASO optimization framework will let us rank your app #1 in App Store, Google Play and App Gallery.

Our Process

Our bulletproof process to win on App Store Optimization

AppDNA App Store Optimization services take a 360 degree approach to mobile marketing. We have more than 7 years of experience helping apps increase their search rankings with keyword and metadata optimization, boost their conversion rates with A/B testing, and optimize user acquisition.

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Benefits of App Store Optimization

Reduce user acquisition costs

Implementing App Store Optimization can change your download sources mix. You can save up to 76% your total user acquisition costs.

Increase your app revenue

The Life Time Value (LTV) of organic users can be 4-5x that of paid media.

Bring more quality installs

ASO gives an average of 40-65% uplift in organic installs after our optimization.

Improve visibility & conversion

More top apps trust AppDNA's ASO services than any other ASO company. We combine proven ASO methodology with our tools. On average we perform 2x better than other agencies.

What our clients say about us?

AppDNA is the best ASO Agency for Google Play and App Store I know. They were able to identify the most important factors to improve our app's visibility in the stores and they delivered results quickly. AppDNA team have in-depth knowledge on how to boost our app subscription monetization performance.

Tomas Petivoky

CEO Dine4Fit

Working with AppDNA was a great time. They helped Aion Bank optimize ASO during launch phase in Belgium. They helped us increase conversion by 251% . They also increase organic downloads by 71% which help us lower total customer acquisition cost.

Chantal Sagnes

Head of Brand Marketing, Aion Bank

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CEO / Creative IT

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CEO / Creative IT
Case Study

How we achieved the conversion increase by 40% and optimized user acquisition costs by 38% for Homa Games.

Optimized user acquisition costs
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