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Rapidly boost customer acquisition and reputation with your app experience.

Among millions of apps users tend to download only the ones that they know or that have high average rating and sufficiently high number of good reviews. It's important to take care about the reputation management process from the beginning of app existence.

Implementing AppDNA's reputation management process  will increase your organic downloads, reputation and dramatically reduce user acquisition cost.

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App Reputation Management like no other with AppDNA

Investing in Reputation Management is one of the most important things when it comes to mobile app or game management. It's important to have close relation with your users that can you strong and quick product feedback about your app. Doing so you can be one step ahead of competitors and keep users engaged.

Data Shows that jumping from three-stars to four-stars still has a dramatic impact, increasing conversion by up to 89%.

Why App Ratings and Reviews are important to your app growth?
  • KPI-based pricing for every project. We estimate KPIs for each sprint. You will only pay for delivered results so can be sure that working with AppDNA will produce the highest ROI possible.

  • Working with tested frameworks and best software, real market data, best growth frameworks so you can be sure that the strategy is tailored to your app and current market situation.

  • Vertical Experience - We’ve helped our clients with almost every vertical the stores have to offer. We work with some of the biggest companies worldwide, far exceeding their growth KPIs across industries.

Benefits of Reputation Management Implementation

See how your app can benefit from Reputation Management Services

No Reputation Management Implemented

AppDNA Reputation Management Framework Implemented

Higher Rating
Higher Rating
Reply to reviews more efficiently, so users increase rating after reply.
Higher Retention
Higher Retention
Locate issues and provide help to retain users in the app.
Better Reputation
Better Reputation
Find featured reviews in one click to reply to them, as featured reviews affect your app reputation most.
Better customer service
Better customer service
Automate support routine to process more reviews and reduce the response time.
Better Product
Better Product
Gain actionable insights about your product, such as bugs, problems, and feature requests that come from your users. Intercept negative feedback before users gives you 1-star rating
Better Analytics
Better Analytics
Aggregate all the rating and reviews data about your apps and competitors.
Higher Downloads & Conversion
Higher Downloads & Conversion
Get more downloads, higher conversion and decrease user acquisition costs
Time & Resources saved on Auto-replies for responding to repetitive reviews.
Time & Resources saved on Auto-replies for responding to repetitive reviews.
Time & Resources saved on Auto-tags to sort reviews about bugs, feature requests and more.
Time & Resources  saved on Auto-tags to sort reviews about bugs, feature requests and more.
Time & Resources saved on Auto-report a concern to manage and monitor deletion of unfair reviews.
Time & Resources  saved on Auto-report a concern to manage and monitor deletion of unfair reviews.
Our Services

We have extensive experience in Reviews and Ratings Optimization

At AppDNA, we see RRO as an ongoing process requiring consistent revision and optimization. Our team will iterate your unique reputation management flow and boost 5-star ratings and intercept negative feedback before user leave a 1-star review of your app.


Deep audit to analyze your current RRO situation and identify growth points for each aspect.

Sentiment Analysis

Review your current situation, what users complain about the most.

Reputation Management Framework customization

Creation a dedicated flow of feedback interception, rating collection without disturbing the user.

Reviews Management Process Automation

Automation of reviews replies and tagging to faster manage the process

Happy Moments Selection

Selection of best moments to ask user about how they feel about the app.

Winback campaign creation

Create a custom campaign to make user love your app again.

A/B Test

Test all the possibilities to optimize the process.

KPI Based Contract

Before the projects starts, our RRO Experts will estimate possible KPIs to be reached after collaboration. You only pay for delivered results.

Expert Assistance

A dedicated team and project manager who will help you achieve your RRO goals, ready to answer all your questions during the project.


Monthly report to evaluate our work, progress and KPIs.

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About This Service

Reputation Management Service will help you:

- Boost Five-Star Ratings
- Intercept Negative Feedback
- Drive Organic Downloads
- Gauge Customer Sentiment
- Activate Your Silent Majority

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Step 1

RRO Audit, KPI Estimation and Strategy Planning and Integration

First, we do kickoff and prepare market and competition research. Then we do the RRO audit. Then we craft the best RRO strategy, based on current situation of your app, market and category. You only need to integrate our SDK.

Step 2

Execution & Ongoing Optimization

After audit and RRO strategy creation we preparing  Reply Process Automation, and ratings flow with user happy moment detection dedicated directly to your app.

Step 3

Your average app rating is 4.9 in App Stores

Combining our expertise with great tools and great RRO optimization framework will let us get your app rating 4.9 with thousands positive app reviews in App Store, Google Play and App Gallery.

Our Process

Our bulletproof process to win on Reputation Management

AppDNA Reviews and Ratings Optimization services take a 360 degree approach to mobile marketing. We have more than 7 years of experience helping apps increase app ratings and reviews and optimize user acquisition.

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How we helped Dine4Fit increase app rating?

Increased weekly 5-star reviews by
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