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Q&A Tips for Booking a Consultation

What questions can I ask?

You can ask about everything related to App Marketing. We can help you find a problem with the operation of current campaigns, or help you design completely new ones.

Who will answer my questions?

Questions are always answered by internal AppDNA experts. Each conversation with an expert is preceded by an initial overview in order to be able to help best.

Does the consultation oblige you to anything?

NO. We make sure that the topic of cooperation appears only when both parties notice the area whose care will bring real value to our client.

How long the consultation call takes?

Our consultation call takes 30 min.

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Frequently Asked Quesions

Whats is App Growth as a Service?

It's our model of cooperation where work on 120 days sprints. Before the sprint start we define the KPIs on selected areas and project fee is based on our performance.

Who are you best able to help?

If you are looking for comprehensive app growth sprint, then if you meet the requirements below we can be the best choice for you:

- Min. MRR of $30,000
- Subscription-based Monetization
- App dedicated for B2C (Customers)
- You have at least $5,000/month for media budget.
- Your app is from following categories(we can grow other apps&games but from these categories we have the most experience):
                Apps: Medical, Business, Education, News, Entertainment, Photo Video,                 Finance, Food & Drink, Shopping, Health & Fitness, Social Networking,                 Lifestyle, Sports, Travel, Utilities,
                Games: Action, adventure, board, casino, Casual, racing, role-playing,                  simulation, Sports, strategy
- You want to start growing your app in the next 30 days

If you don't meet the MRR or media budget requirements then it probably means that app gorwth audit and/or consulting is the best option for you.

What models of cooperation do you provide?

We have 2 models of cooperation:
- Consulting - Packages from selected areas (ASO, UX, etc.) in which we advise in the areas of app growth selected by the client during weekly meetings.
- Growth Sprint - 120 days sprint where we take care of full funnel app growth cycle or selected elements optimization (Retention, ASO or Ratings & Reviews Optimization, etc). Before the cooperation we estimate KPIs that we can achieve and then project fee depends on the performance achieved.

How you define success?

- The costs of generating income are decreasing. 
- Business revenues increase.
- App downloads are increasing
- App rating is increasing
- Decisions are made based on analytical
data, not intuition.
- You have access to the latest expert
knowledge and statistics.
- Application marketing is based on a proven
process, not chaotic, ill-considered activities. 

What is a minimum period of cooperation?

Minimum period of cooperation is based on type of project. In consulting or App Growth Audit projects there is no minimum period. In growth sprint model the minimum period is 4 months.

Do you guarantee delivery of KPIs without any risk?

Yes. In growth sprint we provide full 100%money back guarantee when KPIs are not delivered.

Whats the typical costs of the project?

Consulting packages start from 4,500 USD. Growth sprints starts from 6,500 USD.

Do you offer any pre consultation packs?

Yes. If you are unsure about your app growth strategy, or you don't know what way your mobile app should follow before you decide on huge growth project, we can help you choose the right growth path for your app business.

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