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Unlock your app's full potential with our comprehensive 10-day App Growth Audit, the first step in our Funnel-First, ROI-Focused App Growth Framework. Our expert team will dive deep into every aspect of your app, from user acquisition to monetization, identifying and eliminating growth blockers. With data-driven insights, competitive benchmarking, and a holistic approach, we ensure your app is not just optimized but transformed. Experience rapid growth, enhanced user engagement, and increased revenue with actionable strategies tailored specifically for your app. Plus, with 50% of the audit cost deductible from future services, it's a risk-free investment in your app's success. Don't just optimize—revolutionize your app and funnel in just 10 days!

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App Growth Audit like no other with AppDNA

App Growth Audit is dedicated to applications both those that are in the early stages of growth with limited budget, who need to identify the elements on which focusing will result in the best and quick results, as well as larger apps that feel they would like to optimize downloads, retention and profits but are stuck.

With our audit, we will find hidden growth opportunities and unlock your app potential.

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  • Comprehensive Analysis - Get a full-funnel evaluation, from user acquisition to monetization, ensuring no growth blocker goes unnoticed.

  • Data-Driven Insights - Leverage insights from 30 million transactions and 13,000 paywalls to implement proven, effective strategies.

  • Rapid Results - Transform your app and funnel in just 10 days, with immediate actionable recommendations to boost growth.

  • Risk-Free Investment -  Deduct 50% of the audit cost from future services, minimizing upfront costs and making it a smart investment for your app's future.

common app marketing challanges

Hard problems we’re solving for startups and medium sized apps

Rank for more keywords. Bring in more users. Upgrade your app. Increase conversions. As a full-service app growth & marketing agency, AppDNA can help you grow your app, engage your users, and get the possible ROI for your app marketing strategy.

"I want to start growing my app and I don’t know where to start"
"My cost of user acquisition are high"
"I need more downloads"
"My users uninstall my app after a few days of using it"
"I’m looking for an app growth agency that can provide me with a better ROI"
"We don’t have visibility into activities and results."
"Our App Store impressions dropped significantly."
"I can’t fixed my low app conversions."
"I need someone I can trust with my app marketing."
"I don’t now how to retain users in my app."
"I need a help with my ASO.
"Why am I no longer ranking for certain keywords in App Store?"
"We’ve heard about AppDNA’s KPI-based services and I want to started now."
"I need to fix my ratings & reviews."
"My competitors are ranking number 1 on app stores, how can I beat them?"
"I have monetization problems."
"I’ve been burned by another agency before, and still need help with my app."
"I don’t have time to do my app marketing"
audit elements

App Growth Audit - We have it all covered

At AppDNA, we see App Growth Audit as the foundation of successful app marketing. After checking up what are your hidden growth opportunities we can easier recommend you solutions and estimate results of implementing our recommendations to your app.

Funnel Problems Identification

Analyze and identify issues within the user acquisition and conversion funnel.

Competitor Analysis

Evaluate competitors to benchmark performance and identify opportunities.

Target Audience ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)

Refine and define the target audience for better targeting and engagement.

Marketing Strategy Review

Assess current marketing strategies and their effectiveness.

Paid User Acquisition (UA) Audit

Review and optimize paid user acquisition campaigns on platforms like Meta, ASA, UAC, and TikTok.

App Store Optimization (ASO) Audit

Optimize app store presence to improve visibility and downloads.

Retention & Engagement Audit

Develop strategies to enhance user retention and engagement.

Monetization Strategy Analysis

Evaluate and optimize revenue streams and pricing strategies.

Data Analysis and KPI Benchmarking

Analyze key performance indicators and set benchmarks for success.

Comprehensive App Funnel Assessment

Detailed assessment of the user acquisition and conversion funnel.

Identification of Quick Wins and Long-Term Strategies

Provide actionable short-term and long-term growth strategies.

Next Steps and App Funnel Optimization Plan

Outline a plan for optimizing the app funnel.

Opportunities Areas and Funnel KPIs Calculations

Identify areas of opportunity and calculate potential improvements.

Growth Plan and Resources Planning

Develop a strategic growth plan and resource allocation.

Proposal for Partnership Post-Audit

Offer a detailed proposal for continuing the partnership based on your real situation without wasting your resources.

App Growth Audit

What You'll Receive?
1. Video Audit File: Comprehensive video presentation of the audit findings.
2. Figma File: Detailed visual representation of audit results and recommendations.
3. PDF Executive Summary: Concise summary of key insights and action points.
4. Excel File: In-depth data analysis and assessments for easy reference.
5. Consultation Call: A 1-hour session to discuss the audit findings and next steps, including a Q&A.

£ 1,455

One-time app growth audit with consultation call within 10 days from signup.
Fix Your App Now!

How it works?

Uncover Untapped Download and Revenue Opportunities Faster Than Ever

We will analyze your app and competitors apps — including strategy, reviews, metadata, and search results. We will collect a semantic core in any country and offer metadata options for better indexing in search, and we'll give you detailed instructions on how to apply those options in practice. As a result, you will get a detailed list of recommendations and hypotheses that will affect visibility and install conversion rate.

growth calculator

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When does App Growth Audit make sense?

An App Growth Audit is essential when you're facing stagnation in user growth, struggling with low user retention, or seeing diminishing returns on your marketing efforts. It’s also crucial if you're preparing for a major update, launch, or pivot and need a thorough understanding of your app's strengths and weaknesses. Whether you're aiming to outpace competitors, improve user engagement, or maximize revenue, our audit provides the strategic insights and actionable recommendations necessary for informed decision-making and sustainable growth. If you want to ensure every aspect of your app is optimized for success, an App Growth Audit is the right move.

Are you feeling stuck on what to do next to increase downloads and revenue? You're just a one click away.

Don't get an audit if...

  • You don't have product-market fit.
  • You have all app marketing process' well optimize
  • You don't have an app or you are about to launch an app
  • You have unlimited budget for marketing

Get an audit if...

  • Your app is in free trial, freemium or subscription model.
  • You have a solid stream of revenue and you think it can do much better.
  • You have high demands in terms of growth, but don’t know how to get there.
  • You want to optimize app growth stack and reduce your costs of acquiring users and increase revenue.
  • You have reached a certain stage of app development and you feel you have reached the ceiling.
  • You don't know what KPIs you can achieve with app growth services implementation.

Why is it worth investing in this audit?


Practical knowledge

We will give you practical knowledge that flows directly from our work with dozens of clients in the mobile app market.



You'll save money and time on mistakes you could potentially make.


Ready-to-implement recommendations

You will receive precise instructions adjusted to your app and competition on what elements of your app marketing need to be changed.



As part of the audit, you will receive a free estimate of KPIs - the results we can achieve together by implementing the audit findings of your application. This will help you decide whether you want to entrust the implementation to us or do it yourself.


Validation of cooperation

If you're looking for a partner to work with more extensively on marketing your app, this audit can be a great way to see if we work well together so you can more easily decide on an app growth partner.


Implementation check

Even if you decide to implement the changes yourself, we won't leave you to it. After 3 months, as part of the audit, we will consult on what you have accomplished and recommend further changes based on your results.

Your app is one step ahead of success. We will help you unlock it in just 60 minutes.

251% increase in app store conversion and 46% increase in revenue per download optimizing the pricing page.

Aion Bank

40% increase in app store conversions and 38% cost per install decrease.

Z Escape: Zombie Crowd Shooter

63% increase in organic downloads optimizing keywords and improving keyword ranking. Increase store conversion by 32% which lead to cost per install decrease.

258% increase in organic downloads optimizing keywords and improving app store ratings. The number of weekly 5-star reviews by 179%


Your app is one step ahead of success. We will help you unlock it in just 60 minutes.

AppDNA is the best ASO Agency for Google Play and App Store I know. They were able to identify the most important factors to improve our app's visibility in the stores and they delivered results quickly. AppDNA team have in-depth knowledge on how to boost our app subscription monetization performance.

Tomas Petivoky

CEO Dine4Fit

Working with AppDNA was a great time. They helped Aion Bank optimize ASO during launch phase in Belgium. They helped us increase conversion by 251% . They also increase organic downloads by 71% which help us lower total customer acquisition cost.

Chantal Sagnes

Head of Brand Marketing, Aion Bank

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CEO / Creative IT

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CEO / Creative IT
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