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How App Store Optimization Can Boost Your App Revenue? Benefits of App Store Optimization

Some people say if you build a great app, users will come. This is the mindset of many apppreneurs and developers. It’s the totally wrong path. To stand out among thousands of competitors on the app stores, you must get every reasonable advantage out there and use it.

Some people say if you build a great app, users will come. This is the mindset of many apppreneurs and developers. It’s the totally wrong path. To stand out among thousands of competitors on the app stores, you must get every reasonable advantage out there and use it.

That’s exactly what App Store Optimization does as a part of your app growth strategy. It helps your users to see your app, download it and boost your revenue.

If you’ve already put together and started an ASO strategy, bravo, I’m sure you’re reaping the rewards. If you haven’t, stop all your paid ads right now. Seriously, turn them off. Here’s why you’ll be thanking me later.

But enough talk. Let’s look at the numbers!

App Store Optimization

Enter the X European e-commerce company (can’t name the names, sorry). Based on their recent analytics they found out that the average order value made on the mobile app is higher by 28% than on the web. That means the challenge is in increasing the number of mobile app users will increase the revenue. Currently, their app acquisition mix was 87% of traffic was bought through Facebook/Google, etc. Only 13% of the traffic was achieved organically.


Boost the new app install by and all available means.

What did we achieve?

Our ASO team performed keyword and conversion optimization. Let take a look at the scope:

Search & browse channel: optimized textual metadata, improved relevance, visibility and make keyword ranking higher in search. We optimized relevant tags to better work with app store algorithms and improved the visibility of the app in categories. A similar Apps list reflects the change by showing more relevant apps. Downloads from the search grew from 175 to 897. 

Paid acquisition: Icon, screenshots, and video optimization brought conversion increase by 8.26%. Average cost per install (CPI) decreased (before 0.47 EUR, after 0.43 EUR).

Organic users that downloaded the app from the search and browse channel have a higher conversion from download to sales. Before it was 0.8% After changes in the acquisition mix this conversion grew to 1.05% (an increase of 31.25%).

The average revenue per paying user is 65 EUR.

In the table below, there is a summary of what ASO implementation can give your app. As you can see - the boost is huge!

ASO implementation increase ROI of app marketing activities by 119% and monthly revenue grew by 225%. This is 21 000 EUR savings monthly. While daily downloads increase by 13%, transforming the acquisition mix gave us a revenue 225% increase.

App Store Optimization & Apple Search Ads

Let’s take Y company. They have a food delivery application. They launching their app in new locations. The challenge is to grow app ranking and downloads in new locations and overtake the competition.


Increase organic visibility in a short time. Achieve quickly high app ranking. 

What did we achieve?

Our team performed an ASO campaign to maximize app visibility and keep relevant keywords ranked. Use Apple Search Ads traffic buying based on brand keywords to capitalize on our competitor’s brand and protect our own. ASA is very unique acquisition channel. Search Ads are the best channel if you want to quickly use the user knowledge that you already have to achieve rapid app growth. The chart below shows particular ASO and ASA power when they are successfully combined together. 

We have 4 timeframes of building competitive advantage with ASO and Search Ads Optimization which are:

  1. 1st Timeframe - the time before we started our campaign - chaotic traffic buying in Apple Search Ads.
  2. 2nd Timeframe - ASA campaign on hold, our team was making the improvements.
  3. 3rd Timeframe - ASA traffic buying combined and synchronized with App Store Optimization
  4. 4th Timeframe - Reduction of paid traffic in ASA and boosting organic growth

Our ASO and ASA efforts resulted in completely changing the ASA campaigns based on performance data gathered on every keyword after the first traffic buying. We also started measuring and evaluating all important KPIs - Cost per Action, ROI, LTV. Introduced changes based on our new data. Some keywords were removed, some long-tail keywords were enhanced and updated for relevancy. ASO text metadata was also updated.

What was the result in numbers and how much money did we save?

Comparing the 1st timeframe to the 4th we increase organic traffic by 138%. Daily paid traffic acquisition savings are 303 EUR and 9416 EUR monthly. If we are to consider the additional organic growth - +1116 downloads/day with potential spending on paid acquisition, we get possibly 43 245 EUR saved.

Traffic sources in timeframes:


In this article, I described to you how huge and important role App Store Optimization plays in your acquisition mix and how it can be effective in optimizing your marketing budget. Still think ASO is a waste of time? If you changed your mind our experts are available to chat with you about your application and your acquisition challenges.

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