App funnel optimization / app subscription optimization

Maximizing App Revenue: Boosting Subscriptions and Lifetime Value (LTV)

Our team of subscription experts, data scientists, designers, and engineers can assist you in maximizing your subscription revenue and subscriber lifetime value by optimizing your acquisition, activation, conversion, and retention efforts. We will establish the appropriate measurement framework and collaborate with you to execute meticulously designed experiments throughout the subscription lifecycle, ranging from user acquisition and App Store Optimization (ASO) to conversion optimization, price testing, and customer relationship management (CRM) for subscriber retention initiatives.

Our objective is to help you increase subscriptions and average user lifetime value through measurable outcomes. Moreover, we will work with you over a 120-day app growth sprint to achieve your desired results and positive ROI.

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App Funnel & Subscription Optimization like no other with AppDNA

Investing in app funnel optimization is a smart move for startups and mid-size apps looking to increase their revenue and overall growth. By optimizing every step of the user journey from acquisition to retention, app funnel optimization ensures that every user is effectively converted into a paying customer.

This approach is particularly useful for startups and mid-size apps as it allows them to leverage their existing user base and drive revenue without having to spend significant amounts on user acquisition. By working with our team of experts, you can save valuable time and resources by leveraging our proven growth frameworks and industry-leading practices.

With our help, you can be confident that every dollar you invest in app growth will deliver maximum returns, helping your app thrive and succeed in the competitive app marketplace.

In 2022 our clients see an average 223% ROI of App Funnel Optimization services.

What is ASO and Why do You Need it?
How ASO Can Optimize Your App Revenue
  • KPI-based pricing for every project. We estimate KPIs for each App Funnel Optimization sprint. You will only pay for delivered results so can be sure that working with AppDNA will produce the highest ROI possible.

  • Data-driven Subscription Optimization based on Big Data Analysis, real market data, best growth frameworks so you can be sure that the strategy is tailored to your app and current market situation.

  • Vertical  Experience - We’ve helped our clients with almost every vertical the stores have to offer. We work with some of the biggest companies worldwide, far exceeding their growth KPIs across industries.

When does App Funnel Optimization make sense?

For startups and medium sized apps, optimizing the app funnel makes perfect business sense as it can save valuable hours and budget. By investing in a comprehensive optimization process, you can streamline the app marketing process, ensuring that all growth areas are well designed and implemented.

Our team offers a range of app funnel optimization services, including User Acquisition, Conversion Optimization, and Retention Strategies, which can be tailored to your unique needs and goals.

With our proven growth frameworks and 120 days growth sprint, we provide a guarantee of results and high ROI, making app funnel optimization a cost-effective solution for startups and medium sized apps looking to increase their revenue and overall growth.

Our Services

We have extensive experience in App Funnel Optimization

Increase app engagement, retention, subscriptions and LTV (Lifetime Value).

User Acquisition

We will take care about bringing high-quality users to your app. User Acquisition Optimization will cover:

- App Store Optimization

- Performance Marketing

- UA Consulting

- Cross-selling

User Activation

We will make sure that the budget you spend to get them to your app won't be burned and will take care about FTUX, onboarding and activation that will make them stay with your app. This element covers:

- First-Time User Experience / Onboarding Optimization

- Pricing optimization consulting

- Paywall Optimization

Retention & Ongoing Revenue Optimization

Our flexible retention framework are proven to deliver high business impact across a range of use cases. This covers:

- Subscription Accounting & Management

- Upsell

- Referral systems

-Churn prediction and prevention

- User Activation and Engagement


Reactivation is convincing passive users to engage with the app again. This covers:

- Re-activation


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About app funnel optimization

We take your business reach from thousands to millions

User retention is about keeping people coming back to your app. Acquisition strategies like ASO, Search Ads can bring new users to your app. But at the end of the day you need to convert them into engaged, active and profitable in a long term. Here App Funnel Optimization comes up.

Let's grow your app revenue
Step 1

App Growth Audit

We'll check your current app status in all growth areas

Step 2

Conceptions on Funnel Optimization

Our team will set up the right funnel, then implement it and set up measurement framework. [Our Process Video]

Step 3

Revenue Increase

We help you measurably increase subscriptions and average user lifetime value.

Our Process

Our bulletproof process to win on Funnel Optimization

Mobile app retention continues to plague app marketing teams, with the large majority of users abandoning applications within the first month of download.Our Funnel & Retention Optimization services will increase your Daily Active Users, UX, Revenue. Your app won’t stay in First Impression zone. Our Strategy will help your app stand out and bring money to your business.

Let's grow your app revenue

Benefits of App Funnel Optimization

Reduce user acquisition costs

Implementing App Funnel Optimization will optimize your acquisition spend. You can save up to 65% your total user acquisition costs.

Increase your app revenue

The Life Time Value (LTV) of users acquired via consistent app marketing funnel is much higher (average. 230%)

Bring more quality installs

Consistent app funnel gives an average of 40-65% uplift in installs, retention and paid conversion after our optimization.

Improve visibility & conversion

More top apps trust AppDNA's App Funnel Optimization services than. We combine proven growth methodology with our tools. On average we perform 2x better than other agencies.

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