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At AppDNA we create a harmonious partnership. We want our employees to create a team, share their passions and work together with pleasure. We are looking for candidates who are open to new opportunities and willing to work with us to create the best solutions for our clients.

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Our core values

We love these principles. We live by these principles.


What we create for customers and what they receive from us should be valuable to them. We look at different possibilities and tirelessly take the customer's perspective. We do not teach app marketing. We teach how to support clients in deciding what is best for them. We only indicate solutions that provide long-term and tangible benefits.


It is written deep in our DNA that we like to laugh loudly and have fun. The better the atmosphere in the office or at meetings, the easier it is for us to build a group of companies that improves the operation of other applications. We experiment, put our visions to the test and see what works and what doesn't. It's an exciting job, impossible to do


Everything we create is prepared with attention to detail. We work carefully and focus on details that, when combined, bring unique value to our projects. In all this, we are consistent and always implement what we have committed to.

Truth and respect

We tell the truth, even if it is uncomfortable. Regardless of whether we talk to each other behind the scenes, discuss strategic decisions or communicate with clients - we always provide information that is consistent with reality. We do not engage in projects that have no chance of success. It's our way of showing respect to our customers and each other.

Always one step ahead

We were created thanks to unique knowledge and thanks to it we want to evolve. We go beyond narrow thinking about app marketing and mobile business and aim to be one step ahead in front of the market. We function as one organism and share our discoveries. All this helps us build the foundations of our competitive advantage.

Fully remote working environment

We are and always will be a fully remote team. AppDNA team members are free to live and work where they please, provided that time zones work for their teams.

Our Perks

Providing Perks People Actually Want

Fully Remote Team

Enjoy the freedom to work from any corner of the globe, aligning seamlessly with your team's schedule for optimal collaboration and flexibility.

Home Office Budget

Kick off your remote work journey with a $1,500 initial setup fund, plus an additional $500 every year to keep your workspace fresh and inspiring.

Working Space Budget

Benefit from a $1,200 yearly allowance to enhance your internet speed, stock up on your favourite snacks, or enjoy the change of pace at a coworking space.

Paid Holiday Leave

Recharge with 40 days of paid leave annually, ensuring you're well-rested and at your best, with finances sorted a month in advance.

Holiday Budget

Explore new destinations or indulge in staycations with a generous $2,000 yearly budget dedicated to making your holiday dreams come true.

Wellbeing Budget

Invest $1,000 each year into your health and happiness, from gym memberships to mindfulness apps, supporting your holistic well-being.

Working Together Budget

Foster team spirit and collaboration with $2,000 annually to meet up with colleagues, enhancing the remote work experience with in-person connections.

Company Retreats

Once a year, come together with the entire AppDNA team at exotic locations for unforgettable company retreats, blending work with pleasure

Paid Sick Leave

Prioritize your health with 10 days of paid sick leave, ensuring you're fully supported during those unexpected bouts of illness.

Paid Parental Leave

Embrace family growth with 16 weeks of paid leave, providing ample time to bond with your newest family member without financial worry

Paid Exception Leave

Life's unpredictable moments are met with empathy and support, offering paid leave on a compassionate, case-by-case basis.

Personal Development

Fuel your passion and career growth with a $1,000 annual budget dedicated to your personal and professional development.

13th Salary

Celebrate your hard work and dedication with an extra month's salary each year, a testament to the value we place on our team members.

our recruitment process

Your Path to Joining Our Team

Application Review

Every application receives our full attention. We meticulously screen for a broad spectrum of criteria to ensure a good fit between your skills and our needs.

Video/Intro Call

Show us who you are beyond the resume. Candidates are invited to express their unique personalities and experiences through a video submission or a direct call with our friendly recruitment team.

Online Interview

Dive deeper into the AppDNA culture during an engaging online interview. This is our chance to explore your potential fit within our team and for you to learn more about how we work.


Finalists are given a real-world task reflective of their potential role. This multi-day challenge is not only compensated but also designed to showcase your approach to problem-solving and creativity.

Job Offer

The culmination of your hard work—a job offer! We extend offers to candidates who we believe not only have the right skills but who will also enrich our team's dynamic and contribute to our shared success.
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