Homa Games
February 2022

How we achieved the conversion increase by 40% and optimized user acquisition costs by 38% for Homa Games.

Homa Games asked AppDNA to help them grow organic acquisition of their game Z-escape. The main focus was to increase download conversion and testing. We introduced our own optimization framework for metadata and creative optimization. They’ve got not only the huge conversion increase and we also decrease the total cost per install.


App Store Optimization


iOS in the United States

Result #1

Conversion Increase

Result #2

CPI Decrease

Project Overview

Homa Games is the world’s leading platform for creating and publishing mobile games. A successful producer of dozens of mobile games on the App Store & Google Play. In their portfolio they have more than 40 games that generated 500 million downloads.

Home Games came to AppDNA to help with App Store Optimization for Z-escape app in United States Main target: Increase presence in the App Stores through a combination of optimizing organics and conversion.


As part of the optimization process, AppDNA dove into Z-escape’s historical keyword rankings and, external marketing efforts and related apps in their hypercasual market to gain a deeper understanding of Z-escape and its targeted audience.

After further research with AppDNA’s App Store Intelligence platform, we were able to understand which keywords to include to help expand Z-escape’s keyword visibility, aligning with current search demand and popular features. AppDNA was able to identify multiple terms that had an audience overlap. 

AppDNA focused on the metadata first. We conduct a keywords analysis - selected most important keywords and optimize them with our custom ASO Framework to boost Search Visibility.


helicopter escape -> UNRANKED -> #2 

crowd defense -> UNRANKED -> #3 

city takeover -> UNRANKED -> #10 

crowd city -> UNRANKED -> #19 

count master -> UNRANKED -> #8

helicopter -> UNRANKED -> #12 

crazy defense -> UNRANKED -> #43 

After the first metadata optimization we started fixing a potential visual problems: Z-Escape needed a refresh screenshots that could help to prove with the combination of ASO that users wanted to know what exactly they could find before downloading the app. For creative optimization we use our well-tested creative optimization framework that we use to boost conversion for our clients apps. After analysis and benchmarking our designers produced the first set that gave instant increase of conversion. Then we started constantly testing minor changes and finally after 7 iteration we get +40% increase in conversion.

App Store Optimization process resulted also in cost per install decrease. After the ASO project we decrease the CPI by 38.1% and even increased the organic sources ratio.


Through leveraging the industry’s most advanced technologies and expertise we successfully increased:

  • Conversion Rate: Impressions-Downloads: +24,47%
  • Conversion Rate: Product Page View-Downloads: +40,06%
  • Cost per Installation: reduced by 38,1%

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