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Why your app isn't driving results you planed before?

The mobile application is a great tool to improve and strengthen the company's position on the market. Mobile applications can accomplish many business goals, be an additional or main sales channel or simply strengthen the company's position as the one that performs well in the digital era.

The mobile application is a great tool to improve and strengthen the company's position on the market. Mobile applications can accomplish many business goals, be an additional or main sales channel or simply strengthen the company's position as the one that performs well in the digital era. However, if the implementation of the application and its maintenance is poorly carried out, the mobile application from the company's propulsion engine may become the fifth wheel of the car. About why many companies count the failure of using mobile devices and how to prevent this from being described in this text.

Measures of success - choose them properly

It is known from today that analyzing data is a must-have for any well-functioning company. In the case of a product such as a mobile application, we have a lot of possibilities to measure virtually everything that is going to be frozen. And here, in many cases, most often the marketing departments approach the mobile application as to any other promotion channel. In the case of a mobile application, which is itself a specific product, special treatment should be applied. There are no proven prescriptions for behavior matrixes. It all depends on what application accomplishes the goals, what we want to achieve and many more. You can read about basic measures and analytics in the context of mobile applications here.

NO App Store Optimization = NO App Success

Here things are different. In the case of the Polish market, a very large percentage of companies do not provide budgets for an ASO and think that a great application will defend itself and promote itself. In the world this situation is much better. This is also one of the reasons why Polish applications are worse than those in, for example, the USA.

Currently, when we have more than 5 million applications in both app stores, the failure to use the ASO does not pass the exam. Fortunately, more and more companies understand this problem and begin to implement ASO strategies for their applications. ASO is not only an obligation, but it is also helpful in reducing the cost of paid mobile campaigns. It also contributes to the growth of other important business indicators such as LTV, CPI, CAC, etc.

No Strategy dedicated mobile application

Strategy is an essential element of any well-functioning business. It is no different in the case of a mobile application. In this case, we need to create it based on the objectives, potential users, the market in which we operate, industries and combine it with the overall business strategy of the company. Elements to pay attention to include competition analysis, user acquisition strategy, monetization of the application, soft launch campaign, hard launch and advertising channels. Even when implementing simple applications, the strategy and rethinking the above-mentioned topics is a key factor in the subsequent publicity and success of the mobile application, so skipping this element can lead to problems.


An approach to the promotion and maintenance of a mobile application requires a team of specialists and knowledge in the fields bordering on mobile technologies and marketing. So let's think about whether you have the necessary team in your company to effectively implement marketing app tasks. Building an in-house team works, however, it is rather a minority of cases. The Marketing App takes time so if you do not have the right team in your company and you want to achieve the results within the next two quarters, you should think about working with a specialized agency. This will save time and money needed for staff recruitment, training and software purchase. Speed ​​of action and keeping your finger on the pulse is the key to success in the ever-changing mobile world.

The elements presented above are only part of the problems that can be detected during a thorough audit of the mobile application. If your application does not bring the expected results, you can make an appointment with our specialists for a free consultation and talk about how to overcome them and restore your application to the expected results. Stable growth and maintenance of the flow of users along with limiting indicators for users leaving your application is possible when the mobile strategy is correctly implemented and enforced. Do not skip these elements by implementing the application for your business.

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