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Why app marketing agency is better than in-house team?

There really is no archetype for a company that comes to an agency as a client. As we’ve had clients from single developers through seed startups to multinational corporations.

Why clients come to App Marketing Agencies ?

There really is no archetype for a company that comes to an agency as a client. As we’ve had clients from single developers through seed startups to multinational corporations. To become client of app marketing agency you need to fulfill one main requirement. You have your app that doesn't realize business goals you planned or you are at the stage of building mobile application and you want to do app marketing right.

Companies that fulfil the requirement mentioned above seek help from app agencies for several reasons which include that the company doesn’t have the time, human resources, expertise or toolsets to support their app marketing efforts.

From our expertise we can say that smaller companies typically contracts companies like ours to manage their organic app marketing efforts, while larger companies prefer full stack app marketing. But it’s not always a rule.

Benefits of App Marketing Agency Cooperation

The benefit of working with an agency is to leverage years of experience spent working with dozens, hundreds of even thousands of apps. This generally yields a deeper understanding of the marketing strategy and tactics, with which the agency is able to:

  • Generate results more quickly
  • Optimize mobile-success-oriented KPI’s better
  • Extract a greater ROI from budget resources
  • Make fewer mistakes as an inexperienced app marketer would do
  • Use industry tools which may be expensive or difficult for companies to license or learn
  • Use well-working frameworks that can give better results
  • Agencies also frequently build their own tools or processes (we have several).

Boutique App Marketing Agency

When a company want their app to succeed it’s better to cooperate with boutique agency like AppDNA. It ensures your marketing campaigns receive the full attention required for maximizing their profitability. Such agencies work completely for your organization as a unit, providing established coordination and a strong knowledge base. However, they aren't your employees, so you don't have to worry about paying for health insurance and other perks.

Benefits of outsourcing app marketing

  • Your marketing won’t suffer as a result of staff problems or annual leave

One of the keys to successful marketing is consistency. The problem, of course, is that marketers aren’t machines, they’re people and people need to take breaks. When staff are sick or on leave, or when a massive, all-hands-on-deck internal event throws everything else off track, marketing suffers.

  • You get the services of a team of experts

Your employees have salaries, so instead of coming up with a payroll for one person, you will be paying a team of experts in digital marketing who will research, create and implement marketing strategies that work. Essentially, you are paying for results and way affordable than an employee.

  • You get outside insight on your business

Working on your company day in, day out gives you the chance to understand your business more, but there is always something that is lagging.

  • You are assured of a return on investment

When you hire a app marketing expert, you are sure your funds will be invested properly.

  • You are attuned to the latest industry updates

Since app marketing experts spend most of their time learning new skills and improving on existing techniques and strategies, it's fair to say they keep up with the ever changing and growing app marketing arena

  • You get to focus on the core of your business

With the right information and access, your app marketing agency can plan, develop and execute on strategies that yield results. The key here is to trust the company you hire and making sure you receive reports and live status updates on projects.

  • You can count on ongoing optimization

This is true, because, well, your app marketing agency needs to constantly prove important KPIs. They’re genuinely interested in, and committed to, continually optimizing your strategy for best results. Outsourcing your app marketing means there’s less risk of stagnation or neglect.

  • You’re working with people who’ve been there, done that

App Marketing to be successful must go hand in hand with experience. Most of classic agencies or marketers don’t have experience in apps. What’s better than working with people who already know the best way to achieve results for your business?

  • You get access to the latest technology

Marketing departments are often technology-deprived, or they have a mixed assortment of incompatible marketing technologies. While companies have access to more than 4,000 marketing technologies available. How do they know which ones to pick? And it’s often the case that marketing organizations are at the bottom of the IT department’s priority list, so there might be a lack of support and guidance.

These are reasons why companies prefer to work with app marketing agencies. Developing an app need quite big investment, marketing apps isn’t easy so saving time and money is a good reason why to work with app agency. App Marketing agency can also work with your whole strategy for a mobile channel and help your company get more from it.

Are companies back to in-house ?

As the company grows and becomes better positioned to handle their own marketing efforts, they may eventually choose to bring their marketing efforts back “in-house.” But regarding the fact that app marketing usually it’s better and more cost efficient to work with app marketing agency. The one type of companies that can eventually bring app marketing in-house are app-focused startups in well developed phase.

Several of our clients have either sought our help for a specific marketing requirement or brought their marketing back in-house, and we don’t mind, as it usually means that the company is growing and becoming a more successful enterprise. In this case, we enjoy being a resource that the company can tap for specific future needs, whether it’s a quick call, a training workshop, or a future engagement that we are better positioned than the company to handle.

Hybrid Approach

An approach that is often used today. In the marketing scale of the company as a whole App Marketing is only part of the activities. We often work with some departments that the client has internally in company. Then, some marketing activities that work in-house better can be combined with the efficient work of an app marketing agency, which works better when it is outsourced.

Costs of Cooperation

By employing a marketing app agency you can save up to 50% of costs in relation to in-house solutions. Even with small projects, they are around 20-30%. In addition, the time needed to hire marketing app specialists, which is hard to find in the market, is still saved.  After you hire them, there are also costs associated with the selection and purchase of the necessary software and training. In this way, you can significantly delay the implementation of marketing app solutions and lose much valuable time, which considering the industry in which we are located can be a nail to the coffin. In the case of apps that are yet in development stage time is equally important because the app marketing must go hand in hand with the development of the application.


Now you know why cooperating with  app marketing agency while having or planning to implement app to your business is a good thing. How to establish cooperation with an agency is the next step with the process.

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