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data-driven app growth Agency

We help you to grow your
app to the next level

We help product & app marketing teams get necessary skills and knowledge to acquire high quality users, get consistency, grow user retention and lifetime value by launching or scaling apps through our success-driven app growth system with KPI-based pricing.

Our Services

High-impact services to take your mobile app to the next level

Successful app growth is holistic, and our service offering spans across 6 core pillars that will cover your end-to-end app marketing requirements.

App Growth Audit

We will analyze your application and competitors' applications, giving a list of ready to implement recommendations for increasing the number of target users, conversions, retention and revenue. Ready to implement recommendations list in just 7 days.

User Onboarding
Product, UX/UI
App Store Optimization
Paid UA
Retention & Engagement

App Store Optimization

Our ASO team will help your apps increase their search rankings with keyword and metadata optimization, boost their conversion rates with A/B testing, and optimize user acquisition.

ASO Growth Sprint with KPI based contract
ASO Audit
Metadata / Conversion Rate Optimization
ASO Consulting / ASO Strategy Creation

Ratings & Reviews Optimization

Optimize your app average rating and activate your silent majority of happy users in your application.

Ratings & Reviews Optimization with KPI based contract
Reviews & Ratings Automation Pack
Reputation Management Consulting

App Funnel Optimization

Optimize your acquisition, activation, conversion and retention efforts in concert to grow subscription and subscriber LTV.

(FT)UX Analysis & Optimization
App Subscription Optimization
Push Notification / In-app Messages

Performance Marketing

Our paid search team manages and optimizes Apple Search Ads and Google App campaigns using our in-depth knowledge of how search in the App Store and Google Play really work.

Store Visibility Campaigns (ASA, Google Play Store Campaigns)
Targeted Campaigns
Volume Campaigns

App Growth Consulting

From growth strategy consulting sessions, to setting up integration between different tools, we can help you with any mobile challenge you may face.

App Growth Workshops
Launch Support / App Featured Consulting
App Marketing Team Trainings
App Growth Director as a Service
App Growth Consulting for VC/PE
common app marketing challanges

Hard problems we’re solving for startups and medium sized apps

Rank for more keywords. Bring in more users. Upgrade your app. Increase conversions. As a full-service app growth & marketing agency, AppDNA can help you grow your app, engage your users, and get the possible ROI for your app marketing strategy.

"I want to start growing my app and I don’t know where to start"
"My cost of user acquisition are high"
"I need more downloads"
"My users uninstall my app after a few days of using it"
"I’m looking for an app growth agency that can provide me with a better ROI"
"We don’t have visibility into activities and results."
"Our App Store impressions dropped significantly."
"I can’t fixed my low app conversions."
"I need someone I can trust with my app marketing."
"I don’t now how to retain users in my app."
"I need a help with my ASO.
"Why am I no longer ranking for certain keywords in App Store?"
"We’ve heard about AppDNA’s KPI-based services and I want to started now."
"I need to fix my ratings & reviews."
"My competitors are ranking number 1 on app stores, how can I beat them?"
"I have monetization problems."
"I’ve been burned by another agency before, and still need help with my app."
"I don’t have time to do my app marketing"

Types of cooperation

Quickly verify what your app needs to grow!

Quickly verify what your application needs. Research and build a marketing plan for your app. AppDNA audits are a guarantee of successful promotion of your app. An audit is a good starting point if you want to make a difference in your app marketing.
App marketing audit for $1,349, ready in just 7 days.
Quickly evaluate what are the most important element you should optimize in app marketing and what should be your roadmap and priorities in app growth.
Audit is the most beneficial for apps that aren't satisfied with their results and don't know where to start in terms of app marketing.
Learn more about App Growth Audit

App Growth-as-a-Service in flexible monthly subscription

Plan and execute your app marketing strategy with an easy and flexible app growth-as-a-service subscription. Easily adjust the areas you care about most at any given time. Change subscription elements and effectively manage the budget of app marketing activities.
Flexible, cancel-anytime monthly subscription ranging between $300 and $6,675.
Who will benefit from this? - If you know what elements you need to optimize and need a flexible option for app marketing or if you are launching your app.
Grow your app in most important areas that your app currently needs. Application marketing will be based on a proven process, not chaotic, ill-considered activities, business revenue will increase and you will be making decisions based on data.
The subscription can consist of both consulting and/or execution of an app marketing strategy.

Master your app marketing and skyrocket your downloads, active users & revenue

If you want to optimize specific application components, KPI-based growth sprints are for you. Get to know what we can achieve in your chosen area of app marketing even before the start of the cooperation.  The cost of the service depends on the results we deliver to you. Your ROI is 100% secure.
3/6 months ASO Growth Sprints.
If you want to be sure of the results achieved and want to maximize results in specific areas of app marketing.
Optimize specific KPIs in app marketing areas such as acquisition (ASO, Paid UA), engagement & retention, monetization, reputation management.
Pay only for delivered results & keep your ROI safe.
Check the best type of cooperation with our consultant
why Us?

Why you should grow your app with AppDNA?

  • KPI-based pricing - pay only for delivered results.
  • Moneyback guarantee.
  • Working in tested app growth frameworks and data-driven approach.
  • Average 46% lower cost & better return of investment.
  • No long term contracts.
  • Own App Growth Intelligence Tools
  • Nobody with less than 4 years of professional experience works with clients & Each project is supervised by someone who has min. 7 years of experience in the app growth industry.
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Our Process

A simple, yet powerful and  efficient process

Following our easy 4 step process will assure your app growth & success.

1. Define Goals,KPIs & deep dive in brand

We'll build out plan by reverse engineering your KPI's. Then we'll review all meterial to understand your brand inside & out.

2. Research & Planning App Growth

We'll identify the most efficient & practical path forward to achieve what we planned.

3. App Growth Loop Execution

Driving results is our best and most favourite part.

4. Reporting

We will get you in-depth weekly & monthly reports so you will always know what is going on your growth sprint.

See the video about our process
About Us

The great team of industry experts behind Growth

AppDNA is a mobile app growth consulting agency working with companies to build, optimize and generate more value for our clients’ mobile applications. We work on consulting and success-based models. We deliver app growth in 90 days app growth sprints. You're just 3 months away from your app success.

About Us
Case Studies

The results speak for themselves

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Pippin App's Journey to Optimizing Subscription Conversions

Through a comprehensive app growth audit and strategic implementation of key recommendations, Pippin App successfully addressed its challenges and achieved remarkable results. By redesigning the user onboarding process, implementing customer journey map for retention and engagement strategies, Pippin App experienced a substantial increase in subscription conversions. The case study of Pippin App exemplifies how a systematic and data-driven approach to app growth can unlock.

Install-to-Subscription Conversion
Consistency in the app marketing funnel
Homa Games

How we achieved the conversion increase by 40% and optimized user acquisition costs by 38% for Homa Games.

Homa Games asked AppDNA to help them grow organic acquisition of their game Z-escape. The main focus was to increase download conversion and testing. We introduced our own optimization framework for metadata and creative optimization. They’ve got not only the huge conversion increase and we also decrease the total cost per install.

Conversion Increase
CPI Decrease

Our Impact

I recently had the opportunity to experience the AppDNA Growth Audit (AGA) and I have to say, I was thoroughly impressed. The detailed reports provided a comprehensive view of my app's performance and identified areas where I could improve. I particularly appreciated the competition review and ranking stats, which gave me valuable insights into how my app compares to others in the market.

The analysis also showed that there was still potential for growth, which I believe will be critical in our continued partnership with AppDNA for the app growth sprint.

I would definitely recommend the AGA to anyone looking for a detailed analysis of their app's performance. Overall, the AGA has been a valuable tool in solving my app's growth problems.
Co Founder
Partnering with the AppDNA team to optimize our app, Pippin, has been an incredible experience. Their expertise in app growth strategies and their dedication to our success have truly made a difference in our business.

AppDNA conducted a comprehensive app growth audit and provided us with actionable recommendations tailored to our specific challenges. They helped us address critical areas such as user onboarding, retention, ASO, and reviews optimization. Their insights and guidance allowed us to revamp our user onboarding process, implement effective engagement strategies, improve our app store visibility, and optimize our reviews and ratings.

The results have been outstanding. Our conversion rates from installs to paid subscriptions increased by a remarkable 167%.

We wholeheartedly recommend AppDNA to any app owner looking to unlock their app's full potential. Their expertise, professionalism, and commitment to delivering tangible results are commendable. It has been a pleasure working with the AppDNA team, and we look forward to continuing our partnership
I had the pleasure of working with AppDNA on an app growth audit for my blood pressure app, and I'm thrilled with the results. The audit helped increase our organic visibility and downloads, which has had a significant impact on our business.
Blood Pressure Tracker+
AppDNA is the best ASO Agency for Google Play and App Store I know. They were able to identify the most important factors to improve our app's visibility in the stores and they delivered results quickly. AppDNA team have in-depth knowledge on how to boost our app subscription monetization performance.
Martin Luther
Product Designer at Uber.INC
Working with AppDNA was a great time. They helped Aion Bank optimize ASO during launch phase in Belgium. They helped us increase conversion by 251% . They also increase organic downloads by 71% which help us lower total customer acquisition cost.
Martin Luther
Product Designer at Uber.INC
Martin Luther
Product Designer at Uber.INC
Head of Brand Marketing
Aion Bank
Martin Luther
Product Designer at Uber.INC
Martin Luther
Product Designer at Uber.INC
Articles & News

Browse our content on app growth marketing

Read our experts articles about building and growing mobile apps.

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App Store Optimization Agency - How to choose it & How much does it cost?

Mobile app marketing is a highly competitive field, and with over two million apps available on the app stores, it's crucial to ensure your app stands out from the crowd. App Store Optimization (ASO) is an effective way to improve the visibility and discoverability of your app, and partnering with an experienced ASO agency can help you achieve your goals.

April 4, 2023

Maximizing App Engagement: The Importance of User Onboarding and FTUX Optimization

Welcome to the wonderful world of app engagement! If you're in the business of developing mobile apps, you know that getting users to download your app is just the beginning. The real challenge lies in keeping them engaged and coming back for more. That's where user onboarding and FTUX (First-Time User Experience) optimization come in.

March 7, 2023

10 Fatal App Launch Mistakes You Can't Afford to Make: A Guide to a Smooth App Launch

App launches are critical moments in the lifecycle of a mobile app. A successful launch can lead to widespread adoption, high user engagement, and positive reviews. On the other hand, a poorly executed launch can lead to user frustration, low adoption rates, and negative reviews. In this article, we'll explore 10 fatal app launch mistakes you can't afford to make and provide a guide to ensure a smooth app launch.

February 8, 2023
The power of collaboration: our partners and tools are the secret to our app marketing success! 🤝

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